The Kipsigis Council of Elders chooses a new leader

The new chairman of the Kipsigis council of elders is Andrew Malakwen, a former education officer in Kericho.

Following the passing of the previous chairman, John Maiywa, Malakwen assumes control.

In least 100 Kipsigis elders supported Malakwen as the new chairman during a colorful ceremony held at Moi Gardens on Monday.

He advised the political elites in Kericho county who were getting ready to run for a variety of seats to conduct their campaigns in a non-inciting manner while trying to outsmart their rivals.

After receiving the endorsement, Malakwen expressed his remorse for the Kipsigis culture’s decline and promised to revive it during his term in office.

According to him, the origin and roots of Kipsigis culture are gradually dwindling, and the community will suffer if nothing is done about it soon.

He claimed that unless action is taken immediately, the Kipsigis people will not have anything to be proud of because the roots of their culture and their origin were slowly eroding.

The Kipsigis people, he said, are a culture-rich group that has, for many years, protected them from wrongdoing and brought them together for a same goal.

Malakwen remarked, “We need to convene multiple sessions to restore those traditional values that used to bind us together as a community.

As a people, he continued, we must determine our history, where we came from, and where we are going.