Why there is a massive wave of Kalenjins moving to Australia.

With many of them concentrating on their academics, it is thought that the number of Kalenjins living in the sunniest capital is growing.

The Kiswahili language, one of the two official national languages of Kenya, is increasingly being taught to youngsters in the Kenyan society.

Only the locals know for sure how accurate this is, but judging by the amount of North Rift inhabitants that travel to Perth for education or even just to live, there may be some truth to it.

According to reports, there are more Kalenjins living in the sunniest city than ever before, with some of them concentrating on their academic pursuits and others giving their full attention to their work.

This unique group has established itself as a trailblazer in a foreign country.

How firmly established the group is in a distant country is seen in the recent viral video of the locals breaking into song and dance while wearing their traditional garb.

“In Perth, we are one big family. It is quite true that we have close ties to our family members in the North Rift, particularly in Eldoret. People who immigrated here were given chances, and they decided to return to their homes to give back.