Junior Kotestes’ musical talent remains unparalleled to this day.

Samuel Kipkemoi Sang’ aka Junior Kotestes’ death, robbed the Kalenjin nation, and indeed the entire nation, of a musical genius whose talent is still unmatched today.

In today’s music scene, most contemporary Kalenjin musicians prefer a Chelele-popularized beat. It is the same style that his son, 2nd Junior, has chosen to carry on his father’s musical legacy.

However, Kotestes’ music incorporated the guitar, resulting in a distinct style that most artists have yet to replicate. He also had a voice that could entice snakes out of holes.

Yori Yori, Twolyot, Kiptogostayat, and Chemnandit were among his greatest hits. Junior Kotestes had a way with words, handling sensitive subjects with the deftness that only a gifted man can.

Indeed, his son’s decision to enter the music industry in order to carry on his father’s legacy is admirable. It’s unfortunate that he can’t keep up the same pace as his father did.

The Kalenjin people will never have another talented artist like Junior Kotestes, who was the chairman of the Kalenjin Musicians Association at the time of his death.