Here are the top ten influential kalenjin secular artists

The successful male Kalenjin artists who are now supporting themselves in the field are listed below.

Only Kalenjin musicians who have dabbled in secular music are included on the list, and the majority of them are known by their stage names;


With his songs performing the best, Michael Aron, better known by his stage name Sweetstar, has established himself as the most influential artist in the Kalenjin region.

The “Kwondap Molo” hitmaker is also rumored to be the wealthiest artist in recent Kalenjin music because he played at numerous political rallies where millions were distributed while he was a public figure during the 2017 elections campaign times.

Bii Ben

Due to his influential songs, Benard Bii, better known by his stage as Ben Bii, takes second place.

The musician, who is also a filmmaker under the Green Eagles label, has a number of songs to his credit, which led to him being invited to perform at a President Uhuru Kenyatta campaign event in Bomet, where he was handsomely compensated.

Junior Kotestes, second

His songs are highly recognized for making you laugh out loud. The majority of his songs, including “mbeleza” and “watermelon,” are currently top hits.

G-Star Sumbua, Mambo Stars, Kenene Junior, Browny Jazz, Subembe, Wesildhino, Gily, and Mika Maritim are some additional performers who rank among the greatest.