Kericho is serene and harmonious. Dr. Eric Mutai tells NCIC

Dr. Eric Mutai, the candidate for governor of Kericho, has requested that the county be removed from the list of electoral hot zones.

He claimed that Kericho wasn’t “on fire” and didn’t merit the label of a danger location.

Speaking to reporters before UDA presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua, Dr. Mutai claimed that designating the county as a hot area was done to incite panic before the August 9 election.

He pleaded with NCIC to act quickly and take the county’s name off.

“It would be unwise to brand the county as a hot spot because it is a cosmopolitan county where nearly all communities in Kenya live together,” Mutai said.

Kericho county commissioner Kamau Karungo said he is not taking any chances and assured the country that post-election violence will not be repeated.

Speaking to journalists in his office, Kamau said that despite the county’s designation as a hotspot, there should be no cause for concern.

“This is just a precautionary measure as we near the general election,” Kamau clarified.