“Peace to the entire world” campaign by Kericho artist

As the 2022 General Election approaches, a Kericho-based female artist has decided to travel across the region’s six sub-counties to preach peace and educate various communities on the importance of harmonious coexistence.

Meet Gladys Chemutai, a bubbly 45-year-old artist who is gifted in spoken word, poetry, and songwriting about the everyday life of a common mwananchi. She claims her mission is to use her skills to promote peace.

Gladys Chemutai

The mother of three reveals that in the last three months, she has been able to travel throughout Kericho County preaching peace to women’s groups and churches while employing her artistic abilities, which include poetry and songwriting.

Gladys told Kenya News Agency about her failed marriage and her struggles to make ends meet.

“I was previously married to a man from Marakwet, but things did not work out, and I was divorced and left hopeless.” But a few years later, in Kericho, where I now live, I remarried. “Life has been very difficult for me since I lost my job as a kindergarten teacher,” Chemutai explained.

Chemutai also revealed that she had tried her hand at business by opening a small Nursery School, which she ran for about two years before closing due to financial constraints.

Gladys Chemutai Top song (Tononwon)

“The difficulties I’ve faced in life have shaped me as an artist.” I began writing songs and poems. My stage name is ‘Glado Endo the African shosh,’ and I perform at various local events. “I am the young mamas’ defender,” Chemutai stated emphatically.

The self-proclaimed defender of young women, who is now also passionate about advocating for the rights of neglected single mothers, stated that she felt compelled to consistently and aggressively spread the message of peace in order to ensure that struggling mothers and children live comfortably during and after the elections.