Jubilee Party accuses the UDA of rigging elections in 33 Mount Kenya constituencies.

The ruling Jubilee Party has now claimed that rigging occurred in 33 Mount Kenya constituencies.

“For the record, let everyone know that there was no “Yellow Wave” in the Mount Kenya region, including Bungoma, Taita Taveta, and Kisii. These assertions are completely false. There was no infrasound of the so-called wave, and it is said that even dogs can detect a tsunami coming “Kioni stated this.

“The electoral process was highly compromised, which causes great concern. We have learned of a massive subtle rigging scheme that took place in Mount Kenya’s 33 constituencies for the parliamentary elections.”

The party also claimed that its agents discovered the tamper-proof envelopes.

The party also claimed that its agents discovered the tamper-proof envelopes containing the seals and stamps open.

“The KIEMS kits’ voter turnout did not match the number of used ballot paper counterfoils, indicating a lack of clarity on voter verification, which is where the KIEMS kits failed. It is impossible for a candidate to lose in every polling station, including where they vote “Kioni elaborated.

The party also stated that its next move would be made public in the coming days.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which is affiliated with Deputy President William Ruto, had not responded to Jubilee’s accusations at the time of publication.

Kioni had previously admitted defeat in the parliamentary seat. In the Ndaragwa parliamentary race. The Jubilee Secretary-General was defeated by UDA’s George Gachagua.