Toto, a girl who dared to dream and had the people of Bomet believe in her.

Linet Chepkorir aka Toto, rose to prominence after winning the hotly contested nomination under UDA to compete for the position of woman representative.

“Women and young people have long been stigmatized when it comes to running for public office.” “We want to change the narrative so that rich and poor people can compete on an equal playing field,” she said.

Toto, who recently graduated from Chuka University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, said she has had a difficult life as the third child in a family of seven, and she has had to work her way to the top.

Her political journey hasn’t been easy either; she was called an intruder the first time she attended a meeting of her political party. She was temporarily denied entry to DP Ruto’s home in Karen before the security detail verified her passcode.

“In this journey, many people will discourage you, while others will laugh and scoff at you; but I refuse to listen to them because they cause me to lose focus.” “I pursue what I want because I believe I can,” she explained.

Toto promises to look after the needs of her people while in office. “I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I intend to demonstrate that your vote was not in vain. “I will uphold all responsibilities and ensure that the trust you have placed in me is not betrayed,” Linet Toto tweeted.