Demand for avocado shoots as Kenya finalizes export protocols to Malaysia.

Following China, Malaysia and India are the newest significant purchasers interested in Kenya’s avocado, as the fruit continues to reach additional worldwide markets.

According to The Business Daily, Malaysian officials are now in the country doing a pest risk analysis on the Kenyan avocado in order to begin purchasing the fruit from local growers.

According to the Kenya Health Plants Inspectorate Service, Malaysian authorities inquired about the possibilities of purchasing avocados in May. (Kephis).

Malaysia is the third country to visit Kenyan avocado farms and processing facilities, following India and Mauritius earlier this month, providing a boost to Kenya’s efforts to expand export destinations.

“A Malaysian group is now in the nation conducting a pest risk analysis as they wish to begin purchasing goods from Kenya,” said Isaac Macharia, Kephis’ general manager of phytosanitary services.

By the end of this year, the Asian country hopes to import both Fuerte and Hass avocado varieties.

This comes about a month after Kenya began direct fresh avocado exports to China after 15 exporters were certified.

With a rise in avocado export destinations, Kenya surpassed South Africa to become the region’s largest avocado exporter, shipping 44 million kilograms of the crop between March and mid-August.

Kenya earned Sh6 billion as a result of the Chinese market opening.