Sh100m Kerenga Airstrip tender scam suspect charged with fraud.

On Tuesday, a construction business director was charged with fraud in connection with a Sh100 million Kericho airport tender scam.

Jonathan Rono, the owner and director of Jemororan Construction Limited, was charged with five counts of fraud and forgery before Chief Magistrate Bildad Ochieng.

The alleged crime was conducted between March 27 and April 13, 2018 at the Kericho County government buildings.

According to court documents, Mr Rono misrepresented facts on a National Construction Authority registration certificate to a tender assessment committee on April 13, 2018 in order to influence the granting of a contract to upgrade the Kerenga airfield.

Mr Rono is accused of forging the certificate in order to obtain a Sh14,993,542 tender for routine maintenance.

In the same period, he is accused of falsifying a completion certificate for a Sh12,398,198 tender for routine maintenance of the Kenyatta stage-Kayamba Primary School road in Njoro sub-county.

He allegedly falsified yet another completion certificate for a Sh114,199,800 tender to improve and gravel the Keekorok Lodge-Mara River route, posing as a legitimate Narok County certificate.

Mr Rono is also accused of fabricating a Sh13,995,869 completion certificate for grading and murraming the Kichwa-Shauri Yako Dispensary road in Menengai West, Rongai, Nakuru County.

He pleaded not guilty to all allegations and was released on a Sh5 million bond or a Sh2 million cash bail.

Mr Rono was apprehended by sleuths on Monday at Tarakonik village, Njoro.

The EACC began investigating the issue after receiving accusations that the airstrip tender procurement process had been tainted by corruption.

In connection with the incident, at least six other people have been charged in court.

David Rono (a Jemororan director), Joash Chirchir (a county engineer), Nelson Ngétich (a county procurement officer), John Mibei (a county surveyor), Everlyne Morogo (a county accountant), and Geoffrey Komen are among them (government surveyor).

They had each posted a Sh200,000 surety bond.