Kericho governor praised for appointing PWD as chief officer

Kericho Governor Eric Mutai has appointed a disabled person to one of the executive committees.

If approved by the county assembly this week, the nominee, Geoffrey Korir, will be in charge of the sports, ICT, Gender, and Youth committees.

Korir currently works for the National Treasury in Nairobi.

His nomination comes at a time when the majority of PWDs have been complaining about discrimination in top-level government appointments.

Korir’s appointment, according to Langat, will be historic in Kericho, as one of the executive dockets will be led by a PWD.

PWDs recently complained about being taken advantage of by the county political wing after one of their own nominees to the county assembly was replaced.

Six PWDs spoke to the press at Comfort Restaurant on Saturday, praising the governor for taking the risk of nominating one of their own.

They instructed the vetting committee not to reject the nominee as soon as his name was presented for vetting at the assembly.

“We are still nursing the disappointment of one of us being removed from the list of nominees for the county assembly two months ago,” Julius Langat, chairman of the PWDs in Kericho county, said.

“We thank the governor for pushing for Geoffrey Korir’s appointment to the executive.”