Gachagua moves to quell fire in Mt Kenya region

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua claimed that there was a “minor” squabble in the coalition over the election of EALA representatives that had nothing to do with him or his boss.

He claimed Ruto was a democrat who did not interfere with legislative decisions.

Gachagua said the coalition was doing well during a graduation ceremony at Outspan Medical College in Nyeri on Saturday.

“I heard you say something about a marriage yesterday, Governor, and I’d like to correct you. 

This marriage is satisfactory “He stated.

He was responding to Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s statement that insincerity has begun to manifest itself in the coalition, as seen during the EALA elections.

Mt Kenya region leaders in President William Ruto’s camp, according to Kahiga, will not be undermined by their counterparts.

“We want to say that if at all possible, we will walk this journey together.” But we want to be clear that we have not been married by anyone who believes they have sole authority to take us here or there,” he said on Friday.

“We know it’s early in this marriage, but the signs are very telling.”

Gachagua described the “marriage” between Ruto, coalition members, and the rest of Kenyans as a “marriage of convenience.”

Gachagua claimed that the “marriage” of Ruto, coalition members, and the rest of Kenyans was the result of a long courtship.

“We had a grant wedding on August 9, and God blessed it. Governor, that wedding will last until death separates us. I can tell you that the wedding partners adore each other “He continued.

He compared the coalition to a literal marriage, saying the union had been consummated and the first child was on the way.

He also warned the media not to invent problems that do not exist.