Police in Kericho nab Best Classic Gin valued at Sh4.4 million

On Friday morning, three people were apprehended while transporting contraband goods in a lorry along the Kericho-Litein road.
The lorry was intercepted by officers from Bureti Subcounty, according to the National Police Service.

The three were arrested at Kericho Police Station and arraigned in the afternoon.
“A multi-agency team comprised of Kenya Revenue Authority officers inspected the goods and determined that the 1,100 cartons each containing 20 bottles of Best Classic Gin valued at Sh4.4 million were counterfeit,” according to NPS.

The suspects pleaded guilty in Kericho Magistrate Court and will be sentenced on Monday, December 19.
The lorry has also been forfeited to the state, according to NPS, while the counterfeit goods have been condemned.