Discovering the Hidden Gems of Kericho County: A Guide to Kapsoit Ward

Nestled in the heart of Kenya’s Rift Valley region lies Kericho County, a breathtakingly beautiful region renowned for its vast tea plantations, rolling hills, and diverse cultures. Among the hidden gems of this county is Kapsoit ward, a rural area located in Belgut constituency. In this guide, we will take a closer look at what makes Kapsoit a unique and exciting destination to visit in Kericho County.

Discovering Kapsoit’s Natural Beauty

Kapsoit is surrounded by some of the most scenic landscapes in Kenya, with rolling hills, tea plantations, and waterfalls.

 The main attractions in Kapsoit is the Kapsoit Hill, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The hill is covered in lush vegetation, including trees and shrubs, and is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including monkeys, baboons, and birds.

Understanding Kapsoit’s Economy and Livelihoods

The main economic activities in Kapsoit include tea farming, dairy farming, and small-scale businesses. Visitors to Kapsoit can learn about the tea production process by visiting tea factories, and they can also interact with local farmers to gain insights into their livelihoods.

Best Hotels in Kapsoit.

There are several good hotels in Kapsoit that visitors can choose from, depending on their budget and preferences. One of the top hotels in Kapsoit is JK Hotels recently launched by the area MCA Hon Paul Chirchir Tarimbo.

This hotel is located in a serene environment, surrounded by lush gardens. It offers well-furnished rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a bar.

Exploring Kapsoit’s Culture and Heritage

Kapsoit ward is home to a rich and diverse cultural heritage, with various communities living in the area, including the Kalenjin,Luos and Kikuyu communities. Visitors to Kapsoit can immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting traditional villages, experiencing local cuisine, and attending cultural festivals such as the annual Kericho Tea Festival.

Getting Around Kapsoit

Kapsoit is easily accessible by road, with public transportation available from major towns such as Kericho and Kisumu. Visitors can also hire private vehicles or tour guides to explore the ward and its surroundings.


Kapsoit ward is a hidden gem in Kericho County that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and economic opportunities. By exploring Kapsoit, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for the region’s history, culture, and people, while also enjoying the breathtaking scenery and exciting wildlife. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Kapsoit is a destination that should not be missed!