Kisumu-Kericho Road Closure Triggers Security Concerns in Kapsoit (Photos)

On Monday, a group of Matatus belonging to Kericho and Bomet residents were stoned at Awasi by a group youths. This led to a temporary blockade of the Kisumu – Kericho road by the residents of Kapsoit in Kericho County, who were demanding action to be taken against the perpetrators. The incident resulted in injuries to some passengers, as well as damage to some vehicles.

The reason behind the attack is not clear, but it is suspected that it could be related to local politics or business rivalry. It is unfortunate that such incidents still occur in our society, despite efforts to promote peace and unity.

To prevent such incidents from happening again, the authorities need to take swift action against the perpetrators of such violence. The police should investigate and prosecute those responsible for the attack, and ensure that justice is served. Additionally, there is a need for increased public education and awareness campaigns to promote peaceful coexistence among different communities.

The incident that occurred in Kapsoit Kericho is a sad reminder of the need for peace and unity in our society. It is important that we work together to promote peaceful coexistence and prevent such incidents from happening in the future. As residents of Kapsoit Kericho and other neighboring areas, let’s come together and say no to violence and promote peace.