Kericho Shines: Recognized for Exemplary Utilization of Funds in Climate Change Programs

In a remarkable achievement, Kericho has secured the second runner-up award for its exceptional utilization of funds on impactful programs under the Kenya Climate Change Program (KCSAP). The recognition was bestowed upon the county by Mr. Hamisi Williams, the Deputy Director of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Agric. CECM Ben Bii accepted the prestigious award on behalf of Kericho, accompanied by CO Willy Rop and Eng. Odoyo Bitar. This blog post celebrates Kericho’s success and highlights the significance of their endeavors in tackling climate change.

Kericho’s recognition as the second runner-up in the utilization of funds on impactful programs signifies the county’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by climate change. The ability to effectively allocate resources demonstrates the county’s dedication to implementing sustainable initiatives and driving positive change within the community. By investing in climate change programs, Kericho has displayed leadership and forward-thinking, setting an example for other regions to follow.

The Kenya Climate Change Program (KCSAP) plays a vital role in supporting counties in their efforts to combat climate change. Through financial assistance and technical support, the program empowers local governments to develop and implement innovative strategies that mitigate the effects of climate change. Kericho’s recognition underscores the success of KCSAP in fostering collaboration between various stakeholders and driving impactful change at the grassroots level.

 The award conferred upon Kericho is a testament to the visionary leadership and collaborative efforts of the county’s government officials, including Agric. CECM Ben Bii, CO Willy Rop, and Eng. Odoyo Bitar. Their dedication and commitment to implementing impactful climate change programs have brought Kericho to the forefront of sustainable development in Kenya. Their achievements serve as an inspiration for other leaders and communities to actively engage in climate change mitigation and work towards a greener, more sustainable world.