Inauguration of Cllr. Richard Ng’eno: A New Chapter for the Myoot Council of Elders

In a momentous event at the historic Kapkatet Stadium, Cllr. Richard Ng’eno was inaugurated as the 5th chairman of the Myoot Council of Elders, representing a significant transition for the Kalenjin Nation in Kenya and its diaspora. This afternoon, leaders from all corners of the community gathered to pledge their unwavering support to the new chairman, expressing their commitment to follow his counsel, advice, and wisdom.

The Promising Leadership of Cllr. Richard Ng’eno

The inauguration of Cllr. Richard Ng’eno marked the beginning of a new era for the Myoot Council of Elders. Mr. Ng’eno, hailing from the Kipkendeek clan and residing in Konoin, has taken on the vital role of guiding and counseling the community on cultural and various other issues. With the support and trust of the community’s leaders, he carries a significant responsibility and an exciting opportunity to lead the Kalenjin Nation into a promising future.

Unity and Support from Diverse Leaders

This historic ceremony was not only attended by Myoot Council of Elders but also witnessed the presence of notable leaders. Governor Prof. Hillary Barchok graced the occasion, emphasizing the importance of unity within the community. MPs Kibet Komingoi (Buret), Brighton Yegon (Konoin), Johanna Ng’eno Ngong’ (Emurrua Dikir), and several MCAs, including Amos Birir (Trump) Kapkatet Ward, Broker Tebesonik, and representatives from Cheboin Ward and Nyesha Boito Ward, were present to show their support.

Furthermore, elders from the Luo and Kisii communities, the clergy, and other dignitaries added their significance to the event, symbolizing the unity and harmony that transcends cultural boundaries.

The Sacred Ground of Kapkatet Stadium

Kapkatet Stadium holds a special place in the hearts of the Kipsigis-subtribe of the Kalenjin. It is considered a sacred ground, deeply entrenched in the community’s history and traditions. It is only fitting that such an important event took place at this historic venue.

As Cllr. Richard Ng’eno embarks on his journey as the new Myoot chairperson, the community can look forward to a future filled with guidance, wisdom, and unity. The community’s leaders have pledged their unwavering support, and the broader Kalenjin Nation and diaspora are eager to embrace the positive change that lies ahead.

The inauguration of Cllr. Richard Ng’eno as the 5th chairman of the Myoot Council of Elders marks a significant moment in the history of the Kalenjin Nation. With the support of leaders from various backgrounds and the entire community, a promising future awaits, one where cultural heritage and community values continue to thrive under the guidance of dedicated and visionary leaders.