Embracing Agriculture: The Inspiring Journey of Victor Kiprotich

In an era where freshly minted graduates often rush into the job market seeking lucrative white-collar positions, there are exceptional individuals like Victor Kiprotich who defy the norm. His story resonates with determination, resilience, and a deep-rooted connection to the land—a path less traveled yet incredibly rewarding.

Hailing from Kericho, Victor Kiprotich’s journey into agriculture began immediately after completing high school in 2017. His decision to venture into farming wasn’t solely driven by the need for financial independence but was deeply ingrained in his family’s legacy. As a third-generation farmer, the fertile soil and the possibilities it held were too promising to ignore.

“Having been raised by farmers and watching my grandparents farm as well, it was the most natural thing for me to do,” Victor recalls.

Starting small with a handful of broiler chickens, Kiprotich navigated the complexities of the market. Soon realizing the challenges in the broiler meat and egg market in his region, he pivoted to focus on layer chickens. This strategic shift laid the foundation for his success, steadily expanding his poultry venture. With time, the earnings from poultry enabled him to make his first foray into dairy farming, acquiring his initial cows.

Even after graduating from university, Kiprotich opted to steer clear of the conventional job-hunting path. Instead, he chose to consolidate his efforts in farming, recognizing its predictability and the meaningful returns it offered. His dedication to his agricultural endeavors didn’t just stem from financial gain; it was also about the flexibility and fulfillment his work provided.

“I would like to urge the youth to get their hands dirty; farming is not easy. There are days when all you experience are losses, but the returns are very fulfilling as well. I am a graduate; however, I enjoy my work as a farmer,” says Kiprotich, emphasizing the joys and challenges of his chosen profession.

Presently, Kiprotich boasts an impressive farming portfolio, with 2000 chickens and a small but thriving dairy operation consisting of five cows. The milk production from two cows yields nearly 20 liters daily, a portion of which he sells, while the rest serves his family’s needs.

While basking in his own success, Kiprotich holds aspirations beyond personal gains. His vision extends to creating employment opportunities for fellow youths, aiming to expand his operations further and contribute to uplifting the community.

Victor Kiprotich’s story isn’t just about a graduate choosing agriculture; it’s about embracing a way of life, honoring heritage, and shaping a future rooted in dedication and perseverance. He stands as a beacon, inspiring the younger generation to consider the earth beneath their feet as a canvas of endless possibilities.